Tournament Results
Free Fall - September 2010

The Free Fall tournament is now over with a lot of familiar faces making the final table.

Congratulations to James Ovington, the first ever member of the TPT (his member number is 100!), who took down his first tournament. Clearly he’s learned more than just dealing during his career.

Gail Arrants proved once again she is no stranger to final table finishes, although couldn’t quite beat her own record by winning a third tournament. Let’s face it though, making five final tables in the last eight tournaments isn’t a fluke!

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.
Thanks to the dealers who made this tournament possible.


1st - James Ovington

2nd - Gail Arrants

3rd - Richard Wagner

4th - André Bordeaux

5th - Rebecca Carr

6th - Ravi Patel


Curtis Williams, Champion

James Ovington, Free Fall Champion, September 2010
Pictured with runner up Gail Arrants

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