Tournament Results
Fanatics Oktoberfest Invitational - October 2008 - Click here for photos!

Angie Tipton outlasted the field to be the third TPT female champion.  In fact the final two players were both women.  The final table had some familiar faces as we've come to expect, including three hall of famers.  Ernie Dunn made his third consecutive final table.

The TPT, sponsors and Fanatics put together a great prize pool, and Oktoberfest in the ballroom was a great success.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.

Check out the photo gallery.


1st - Angie Tipton

2nd - Kathy Anderson

3rd - Michaerl Hicks

4th - Ernie Dunn

5th - Richard Keen

6th - Trazel Silvers

7th - Mike Talley

8th - Jason Little

9th - Rich Wagner

10th - Matt Wandel

Fanatics Oktoberfest Invitational

Angie Tipton, Champion

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