Tournament Results
Woodstone Poker Invitational - October 2006 - Click here for photos!

Mary Kublawi was the champion of the Woodstone Poker Invitaional. She outlasted a field of 95 other top players after 10 hours of great poker. Mary entered the final table as chip leader and never relinquished her lead as she finally went heads-up with Scott Townsend. Mary pushed all in on the river and Scott called with top pair only to be beaten by Mary’s set of fives. The competition at the final table was fierce. Scott Townsend and Nancy Spriggs were both at their second consecutive final table. Amy Booher, champion of the previous Woodstone tournament, was also at the final table as was Amanda Healey who finished the session with the second highest tour average.

This tournament proved once and for all that poker is not just a man's game.  We don't patronize women by opening a separate 'Ladies League.'  At the TPT women play the same games as the men.  As this tournament proves women can hold their own at the poker table any day.  50% of the final table were women.  A woman won the event, and the final table included a women with the second highest average in the Tour this session (Amanda Healey), and a woman who won the last Woodstone event (Amy Booher).  Congratulations to everyone who qualified to play, and well done to all those who made it to the final table.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.  Thanks also to the sponsors and Woodstone management and staff that made this whole thing possible.

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1st - Mary Kublawi ($1250)

2nd - Scott Townsend ($500)

3rd - Amy Booher ($250)

4th - Josh Stevens ($100)

5th - Amanda Healey ($75)

6th - Nancy Spriggs ($50)

7th - Marcia Thornton ($50)

8th - Michael Blakely ($50)

9th - Jeff McHugh ($50)

10th - Bill Hartley ($50)


Woodstone Poker Invitational Top Player Tournament October 2006

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