Tournament Results
Woodstone Poker Classic - May 2006 - Click here for photos!

The Woodstone Poker Classic was the first best player event organized by the Tennessee Poker Championship Series.  The event was a huge success with almost every eligable player showing up to play.  In the end 79 players (with the highest session 2 average score) from the TPT showed up to battle it out to see who was best.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.  Thanks also to the sponsors and Woodstone owners and staff that made this whole thing possible.

As expected at a best player tournament the competition was fierce.  The tournament lasted nine hours and the final table saw the final ten battle it out.  The final table included champion and runner up of the last free roll Chris Healey and Eric Miller.  Three women also made the final table including Amy Carrier who has only been playing poker for eight weeks!  Chris Healey went from medium stack to chip leader as a run of good cards saw him eliminate five players from the final table in less than 40 minutes.  Amy Booher took care of most of the other players to become chip leader.  Steve Roberts who held the best average for session 2 held on for third place and was finally eliminated by Amy Booher who caught a lucky flop with her seven four off suit.  Heads up play lasted less than ten minutes.  Amy called a pre-flop raise with Ten Seven of clubs, Chris moved all in on the flop with pocket aces but Amy had a tempting open ended straight draw and called.  Jack came on the river to give her the winning straight.

Tournament winner, Amy Booher and runner up Chris Healey both won a trip to Caesar's Indiana and a buy in to a $175 no limit hold'em tournament.  The TPCS gave away over $2,000 in prizes, giveaways and awards.

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Top 10 Winners

1st - Amy Booher (Caesar's Trip)

2nd - Chris Healey (Caesar's Trip)

3rd - Steve Roberts

4th - Jason Fredrickson

5th - Jeremy Branham

6th - Joyce Eads

7th - Eric Miller

8th - Amy Carrier

9th - Ty Henry

10th - Chris Willis

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