Tournament Results
Triple Dog Dare

Congratulations to Ernie Dunn on his win at the Triple Dog Dare tournament.  Ernie's win was his fifth appearance on a final table, tying with Dan Kublawi for the second highest number of final tables reached.  The all time leader is Chris Healey, with six final tables.  Ernie also won the distinction of being the first man to make the Hall of Fame twice (the first person to achieve this was Gail Arrants), and the first person to enter the Hall of Fame for both top average and winning a tournament.

Brandon Pierson made his first final table and was runner up.  Hall of Famer Mary Kublawi made this her third final table showing.  Jason Clary and Albert DelGacicco made their first final table.

Hall of Famer Gail Arrants reached her forth final table, which is quite an achievement given how recently she joined the Tour.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.

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1st - Ernie Dunn

2nd - Brandon Pierson

3rd - Mary Kublawi

4th - Jason Clary

5th - Gail Arrants

6th - Albert “Del” DelGaicco


Triple Dog Dare - Winner Ernie Dunn

Ernie Dunn, Champion

Ernie Dunn, Triple Dog Dare Champion, January 2010

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