Tournament Results
Picasso's Poker Championship - January 2007 - Click here for photos!

The Picasso's Poker Championship ended like no other tournament to date.  Mike Miskus and Amy Booher, both veterans of the final table went heads up but decided to cut a deal.  They split the prize money for first and second place and dealt one hand face up for the Champion trophy.  Mike walked away with the top trophy but both walked away as winners, finishing a joint first place.

It is a testament to the caliber of some of our players when they can make multiple final tables like this.  Several of our best players have made two or more final tables at this time, which is an astonishing achievement.

Mike Miskus now has won the right to play in any future tournament, Amy Booher had already won that right back on our second tournament.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.  Thanks also to the sponsors and Picasso's management and staff that made this whole thing possible.

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1st - Mike Miskus ($850)

1st - Amy Booher ($850)

3rd - Robin Bolton ($250)

4th - Hank Middleton ($100)

5th - Billy Mitchell ($75)

6th - Harvey Boyd ($50)

7th - Chris Alley ($50)

8th - Kevin Anderson ($50)

9th - Gina Shanks ($50)

10th - Charles Roberts ($50)

Picassos Poker Championship - January 2007

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