Tournament Results
Fanatics Holiday Poker Invitational - December 2007 - Click here for photos!

Shaun Julian took down the top prize at the Holiday Poker Inviational, Saturday, December 15th. Shaun went heads-up with Paul Johnson for only one hand, and his full house prevailed. A great tournament with many familiar faces at the final table, including Steven Roberts, Chad Whitson, Chuck Hupchick, and Major Bordeaux. Pictures and the final order of finish will be posted soon. Thanks to all who made this a terrific event!

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.

Check out the photo gallery.


1st - Shaun Julian

2nd - Paul Johnson

3rd - Major Bordeaux

4th - Angie Tipton

5th - Brent Dexter

6th - Steve Roberts

7th - Randy Silvers

8th - Charlie Bennett

9th - Chuck Hupchick

10th - Chad Whitson

Fanatics Holiday Poker Invitational

Shaun Johnson, Champion

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