Tournament Results
Second Annual Billy Mitchell Tournament of Champions

The second annual Billy Mitchell Tournament of Champions was very well supported by some of the best players in the Tri-Cities.  Previous champions, hall of famers, and multi final table winners were invited to participate in this memorial to our good friend Billy Mitchell.

The final table was quite a battle with some huge pots and exciting races.  Pocket aces did not fair well at all.  Jeff Bolling had his pocket aces cracked by Brent Dexter's pocket jacks, causing a surprise exit in fifth place.  Chris Healey had his pocket aces cracked by Ernie Dunn's pocket nines, putting him out in fourth.

Ernie proved his tournament prowess by being only the second person in the history of the TPT to win two tournaments back to back, ensuring a third entry into the Hall of Fame; another TPT first.

Chris Healey and Dan Kublawi, appeared both on this final table, and on the previous Tournament of Champions final table in 2009.  Last years champion, Curtis Williams, made the top 10, but didn't make it to the final table this year.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.

A special thank you to Billy Mitchell, for all the good memories.


1st - Ernie Dunn
Second consecutive tournament win, sixth overall final table, 3x Hall of Fame.

2nd - Brent Dexter
Fourth final table appearance.

3rd - Matt Wandel
Third final table appearance.

4th - Chris Healey
Seventh final table appearance, previous TPCS champion.

5th - Jeff Bolling
Fourth final table, previous TPCS runner up.

6th - Dan Kublawi
Sixth final table appearance, previous TPCS runner up.


Second Annual Tournament of Champions: Winner Ernie Dunn

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