Tournament Results
Fanatics Summer Heat - August 2007 - Click here for photos!

The Fanatics Summer Heat was truly a great event. The players were all excellent and we really saw some great play, especially at the final table.  When it was over, the last man standing was none other than former ETSU basketball star/legend and former Harlem Globetrotter Trazel Silvers.  Trazel is currently playing professional basketball in France, however he’s been home for the summer and has become a regular on the tour.  He’s a terrific player, as was evidenced by his dominating play on the final table.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.

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1st - Trazel Silvers

2nd - Darren Reese

3rd - Jim Fultineer

4th - Bob Kinigge

5th - Nina Nabors

6th - Dan Kublawi

7th - Ty Henry

8th - Ryan Love

9th - Caroline Hurt

10th - Joe Rosenbalm

Picassos Poker Championship - January 2007

Trazel Silvers, Champion

Trazel Silvers, Dan Hurt, Curtis Williams

TPCS Summer Heat Champion Trazel Silvers, pictured with Dan Hurt (past champion and bounty),
and Curtis Williams who was knocked out in the first hand of the tournament.

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