Tournament Results
Fanatics Spring Poker Tournaments - April 2007

April 2007 saw the first back 2 back tournaments from the Tennessee Poker Championship Series.  April 14th was the invitational event featuring many of the top players in the Tri-Cities.  April 15th was a giant free roll with a trip to Las Vegas up for grabs.  Both tournaments were a great success with an incredible turn out. The free roll was so popular we needed 11 players to a table!

As the Tennessee Poker Tour continues to dominate the Tri-Cities poker scene we introduced a first ever event:  The final table was televised to be broadcast locally.  Nothing like this has ever been seen in East Tennessee before!  For more information about show times, see our blog.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.  Thanks also to the sponsors and Fanatics management and staff that made this whole thing possible.  Thank you also to RevmaMedia their staff and crew for their hard work on the TV production.

Fanatics Spring Poker Invitational

Winners (April 14th)

1- Dan Hurt

2 - Max Finch

3 - Chuck Hupchick

4 - Amy Carrier

5 - Jim Smith

6 - Chad Whitson

7- Romzie Assid

8 - Gabe Harrison

9 - Amy Booher

10 - Richard Pettit

Winners (April 15th)

1- Ron Helsabeck

2 - Jeff McHugh

3 - Josh Stevens

4 - Brian Scyphers

5 - Max Finch

6 - James Arms

7 - Jackie Hupchick

8 - Chris Healey

9 - Josh Brown

10 - Major Bordeaux

Congratulations to Max Finch for making the final table for BOTH tournaments - that’s some marathon poker!

Congratulations to Amy Booher for making her 4th TPCS final table

Congratulations to Chris Healey for making his 3rd TPCS final table

Congratulations to these players for making their 2nd TPCS final table:

Brian Scyphers, Jackie Hupchick, Josh Stevens, & Amy Carrier.

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